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At Nimbus Tech, we’re a registered Salesforce partner, and it’s our goal to help you smoothly acclimate to the Salesforce ecosystem, set up with the knowledge and tools you need to grow your business. Find out if Pardot is right for your business, and let us know so we can assist you as you embark on improved marketing efforts with Pardot.

Deliver smarter marketing with Pardot. As Salesforce’s B2B (business to business) marketing automation solution, it is similar to Marketing Cloud, but the main difference is that where Pardot focuses on B2B, Marketing Cloud is geared towards B2C (business to customer) marketing.

With Pardot, users are able to:

Enhance customer engagement by building memorable interactions
Align customer experiences across all modes of engagement
Keep your marketing team connected to your sales and service teams
Uncover actionable insights through data tracking of key marketing metrics
And so much more!

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We're here to get you started and up and running smoothly with your Salesforce platform. From Discovery through Delivery, we make a point to clearly communicate with our clients and keep you updated with progress and resources.

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