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Created with the needs and missions of nonprofits in mind, Nonprofit Cloud by Salesforce helps these organizations increase their fundraising endeavors. It provides flexible and innovative tools focused on fundraising, volunteer management, marketing and engagement, program and case management, and grantmaking.

A few key benefits of Nonprofit Cloud include: 

Rich engagement tools to promote digital fundraising
One unified platform with a single source of data to keep your team connected
Ability to increase and cultivate long-term donor and volunteer relationships
Potential to increase total online giving using the #1 CRM platform

Fundraising & Development Quick-Start

A core component of most nonprofits, Nimbus Tech understands how important it is to fundraise efficiently and effectively. A Fundraising & Devleopment Quick-Start implementation can help your organization accomplish that. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Volunteer Management Add-On

For some nonprofits, volunteers are the lifeblood of their organization and its ability to impact the community. A Volunteer Management Add-On complements the power of Fundraising & Development by opening up more focused capabilities to track, manage, and support your volunteers. Discover how Volunteer Management may benefit your organization.

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Program & Case Management Quick-Starts

Access enhanced tracking capabilities with either a Program Management implementation or a Case Management Quick-Start. For more program-focused nonprofits, Program Management gives nonprofits the ability to monitor their program engagements. For more service or client oriented nonprofits, Case Management takes the level of detail-tracking to a new level, allowing nonprofits to analyze client intakes, case plans, and more. Find out which may be right for your organization.

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Outbound Funds & Grants Management Add-Ons

Outbound Funds and Grants Management modules are add-on options that complement your core Fundraising & Development implementation. Both packages center around supporting nonprofits that provide outgoing funds to their community or constituents, such as in the form of scholarships or grants. Choose the add-on package that suits your needs.

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