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Sales Cloud focuses on providing the tools to grow customer relationships and boost sales.  As a registered Salesforce partner, we at Nimbus Tech are versed in Sales Cloud and know its ins and outs. Read on to see how implementing Sales Cloud may benefit your business and how we can help you launch your Sales Cloud journey. 

Some of Sales Cloud’s key features and benefits include: 

Contact management
Opportunity management
Sales forecasting
Process automations
Mobile CRM

Sales Cloud not only allows you to connect your sales team in one unified platform with consistent data, it also allows users to streamline their sales effort through: 

Data organization and management
Dashboards for at-a-glance view of sales progress
Automations to speed up work efficiency
Personalized messaging to customers

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We're here to get you started and up and running smoothly with your Salesforce platform. From Discovery through Delivery, we make a point to clearly communicate with our clients and keep you updated with progress and resources.

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