Outbound Funds & Grantmaking Add-Ons

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Harness the power of automation and so much more with Nonprofit Cloud and pave a better pathway to an enhanced management experience.

An Outbound Funds or Grantmaking add-on can benefit nonprofits who: 

Want to simplify the tracking, management, and delivery of outbound funds such as grants, awards, and scholarships.
Want an agile system to monitor the fundseeker applicant journey.
Want to deliver disbursements in a timely manner for the biggest impact on their communities.

Comparison of Features & Capabilities

Outbound Funds Module

Foundation Tier
Expedite grantmaking with a simplified application process.
Keep track of funding requests throughout the entire process from application to disbursement.
Create and manage requirements for funding requests.
Create funding programs for disbursements like annual scholarships and track details.
Harness scheduling for payments and disbursements so fundees receive their funds on time.
Analyze key metrics with reporting functionality on populations served, total funding by time bracket, and more.

Grants Management Module

Premium Tier
Builds and expands upon the framework of Outbound Funds Module.
Enhance the grantee experience with an Experience Cloud portal where grantees can login, view funding requests, submit documents, and more.
Gain a holistic view into grants, programs, subinitiatives,  and the funding lifecycle.
Verify a nonprofit's tax status with GuideStar.
Create and manage budgets and monitor disbursements.
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