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Our Nimbus Tech consultants are experienced in implementing Service Cloud and allowing your business to get the most from it. Read on to see how adding Service Cloud may benefit your business and how we can help kickoff your Service Cloud journey.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud is all about providing you with the tools to ensure your customers have the best possible customer experience and generating return customers. It's important to note that Service Cloud is an add-on to enhance your Sales Cloud utility. The Service Cloud platform adds in advanced customer service management tools, and may also be more advantageous for companies that sell services or products.  

Some of Service Cloud's key features include: 

Personalized customer support
Insights into customer behavior
Call center management
Automation for business processes

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We're here to get you started and up and running smoothly with your Salesforce platform. From Discovery through Delivery, we make a point to clearly communicate with our clients and keep you updated with progress and resources.

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