About Nimbus Tech

Small Beginnings

In 2017 we started out as a two-man team in Ann Arbor, MI with big dreams. We harnessed our individual experiences and talents and founded originally under the name of AAYO Tech (a combination of our names "Aaron" and "Ayoola"). In 2021 we rebranded as Nimbus Tech as a way of emphasizing our commitment as Salesforce cloud consultants.

Nonprofit Roots

We got our start in the nonprofit world, working for a Michigan nonprofit. Because of this, it is our passion to continue supporting nonprofits. Our goal is to equip nonprofits with industry-leading technology so they can focus on what's most important: serving their communities.

Team Power

Today we are a small and agile team of spirited geeks who believe technology is awesome. Each person on our team brings a unique set of skills and experience from various other industries including education, tech, hospitality, and media. This eclectic mix of talent is our golden recipe and part of what makes Nimbus Tech so special.

Nimbus Tech is a registered Salesforce partner, providing Salesforce consulting and implementation services. We specialize in providing quick-start solutions for nonprofits and small to mid-market clients that meet their business needs using a variety of the Salesforce platforms.

Our Story

Entered the Salesforce ecosystem

We started out as a two-man team with big ideas and the ambition and work ethic to drive upwards.


Founded in Ann Arbor, MI as AAYO Tech

We strengthened our roots as Salesforce experts with a vision.


Moved into the Milwaukee, WI market

We brought on additional team members who share our vision and values as Salesforce consultants.


Expanded to Seattle, WA and rebranded as Nimbus Tech

We’re still the same team of experienced and passionate consultants, ready to help you grow your business.


Our Visions

Superior Solutions

Delivering the most scalable, accurate, and consistent solutions is at the center of all of our work.

Squad Sourcing

Our success comes from our people. We are on a mission to challenge biased hiring standards. We hold diversity at our center and aim to optimize innovation, culture, and growth by maintaining diversity across all levels of our business.

Operational Overdrive

Nimbus Tech strives to develop the most efficient, scalable internal workflow as experts in the software that we use and distribute.

Our Values

Truth & Honesty

Constructive, sincere transparency is how we do business. With our clients, with each other.  


We step up to challenges, celebrate personal and professional growth, and are continual learners.


Collaboration is the spirit of our team. We believe that in order to function as a productive workspace, we must see our coworkers first as human. We practice empathy. We rely on each other's strengths, and we support each other during crunches.

DEI Commitment

We hold diversity at the center of all Nimbus Tech initiatives and policies. We firmly believe that a workplace made of individuals with diverse backgrounds, identities, perspectives, and experiences makes for a well-rounded and stronger team. It is a core priority at Nimbus Tech to continue to cultivate, re-evaluate, and endeavor towards an inclusive and equitable environment where our employees feel welcomed and safe to be who they are and do their best work.

Proud Member of Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% proud member badge

We’ve joined the global Pledge 1% community to normalize giving back and volunteerism at Nimbus Tech. Starting in 2022, we’re pledging 1% of our time to enhance and serve the communities in which we work and live. This is one small way Nimbus Tech lives out our commitment to serving and supporting the work of nonprofits.

Talent Alliance Registered Employer

Salesforce Talent Alliance employer badge

Nimbus Tech is registered with the Salesforce Talent Alliance. In line with our company values and vision, we prioritize equitable and inclusive hiring practices and endeavor to hire and employ diverse talent within our organization.