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Harness the power of automation and so much more with Nonprofit Cloud and pave a better pathway to an enhanced fundraising experience.

A fundraising and development implementation can benefit nonprofits who: 

Want a simpler, more streamlined way to organize and manage their fundraising efforts.
Want to track their donors, donor traits, revenue sources, or fundraising initiatives.
Want to save time, reduce manual labor, and harness the power of automation.

Synopsis of Features & Capabilities

Track constituents and their relationships and affiliations.
Record and report on revenue sources, such as donations, grants, event registrations, sponsorships, memberships, and more.
Create donor levels and engagement plans to strategically pursue new and existing donors.
Manage fundraising campaigns and initiatives. With multi-level hierarchy, you have the ability to create subcampaigns, record allocations, and gain vision into how money is spent and received.
Create and send gift acknowledgements and year-end tax receipts.
Measure KPIs such as donor/donation growth, retention and acquisition rate, donation converstions by channel, turnover, and more.
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Our Process

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We're here to get you started and up and running smoothly with your Salesforce platform. From Discovery through Delivery, we make a point to clearly communicate with our clients and keep you updated with progress and resources.

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