Program & Case Management Quick-Start

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Harness the power of automation and so much more with Nonprofit Cloud and pave a better pathway to an enhanced management experience.

A Case Management implementation can benefit nonprofits who: 

Want to magnify program impact and constituent engagement.
Want to drill down into granular details of their programs, services, constituent engagement, and more.
Want to save time spent on administrative and reporting tasks.

Synopsis of Features & Capabilities

Track programs and cohorts at a high level and define services with each program.
Monitor constituent engagement with programs and record service deliveries; then report on your impact.
Meticulously track individual clients with client snapshots, client search, and client notes.
Access a full view of clients' participation lifecycles.
Measure and analyze inbound and outbound referrals.
Deliver personalized client support, stay up to date with client incidents, and be in the need-to-know with critical alerts.
Create custom case plans or use a template, setting goals and action items.
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Our Process

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We're here to get you started and up and running smoothly with your Salesforce platform. From Discovery through Delivery, we make a point to clearly communicate with our clients and keep you updated with progress and resources.

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